Small 3
Large 5
Minestrone Soup

Italian Style Vegetable Soup

Small 5
Large 7
Fox’s Pasta e Fagioli

Italian Pasta and Bean Soup


$ 8
Insalata Milano

Romaine Lettuce, Onions, Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Mushrooms, Pepperoncini Peppers, Bell Peppers, Asiago Cheese and
Mozzarella Cheese.

$ 11
Insalata di Amore

Spinach, Red Onions, Red Bell Peppers, Strawberries, Cranberries, Walnuts and Blue Cheese Crumbles. Served with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Small 5
Large 7
House Salad

House, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Caesar or Balsamic Vinaigrette.

$ 10
Insalata Bellagio

Romaine Lettuce, Baby Spring mix, Red Onions, Roma Tomatoes, Grapes, Oranges, Walnuts, and Gorgonzola Cheese Crumbles and Italian dressing