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Milano’s Ristorante Italiano has been serving the Rio Grande Valley for over 70 years and have perfected every Italian dish served at La Terra Bruciata dal Sole in South Texas.

Milano’s La Piccola Italia Restaurant introduced for the very first time Pizzas as we all know it in the Rio Grande Valley by serving the local grocery stores and selling to customers out of Lisetta Milano’s porch in 1950. In 1955, Lisetta decided to turn their occasional pizza selling into a restaurant with 3 tables and 10 broken chairs.

Within years Giovanna and Lino took over the restaurant where they started selling more than just pizzas. Giovanna revamped every room of the old Milano’s house and turned it into the Milano’s La Piccola Italia Restaurant we all know today and now Milano’s has an extensive Italian menu featuring thousands of family recipes handed down over the years plus they are always introducing new unforgettable creations. Five generations later Milano’s has become a landmark here in south Texas.


Italian’s always believe that “Fresh is Better” Milano’s is no exception!

From Spaghetti to Lasagna, the Milano’s family are dedicated to create their own pasta from scratch and combine them into their special home made sauces to create your favorite pasta dishes.

Milano’s brings you the authentic taste of Italy into your mouth.

Da terra e mare, Milano’s family recipes are perfectioned to give you the flavors of Italy with our fresh from yard ingredients on to our special entrée dishes, delicious soups and desserts to die for.

At Milano’s we have mastered the way to create the perfect pizza.

Handcrafted by the Milano’s family members, our Pizzas are made from scratch daily to delight your tastebuds with the authentic taste of an Italian Pizza.


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    The Milano family proceeded to live the American Dream and not unlike other families in the agriculture business experienced a freeze in 1949 and again in 1951. As a result of the citrus industry downfall, the Milano’s turned to farming, which did not prove to be a very prosperous venture due to the tremendous drought the Valley experienced from 1951 to 1954.

    Milano’s Italian Restaurant History

    Emidio Milano came to America in 1903 and Lisetta Berardinelli followed him in 1923 after having married each other in Lisetta’s hometown Casteil di Sangro, Italy. In 1944, Lisetta and Emidio Milano moved to Weslaco, Texas, from Chicago, Illinois, with their son, Lino, and their daughter Francis to enter the citrus business.

    In the Loving Memory of Giovanna Milano

    Homeless and starving, the Corrente children traipsed through the mountains of central Italy during World War II foraging for food and shelter, going so far as to rely on leaves for sustenance and suckling from sugar-dusted towels soaked in whatever water they could find — this for some semblance of flavor.